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More Badugi Tips...

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More Badugi Tips... Vide
PostSubject: More Badugi Tips...   More Badugi Tips... EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 8:39 pm

Badugi poker is an exceptional Lowball poker game that has really taken off in the last few months, especially attributed to is appearance at PokerStars in Ring Games, Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit’n’Gos. As its popularity grows, so does the need for a solid Badugi poker strategy.

Badugi Poker Strategy – The Basics

If you’re looking up a Badugi poker strategy, you should already know the Rules of Badugi. We’ll offer a brief synopsis here, just as a refresher.

- Each player gets four cards.
- There are 4 betting rounds.
- There are 3 Draw Phases
- The lowest hand wins the pot.
- A hand may not contain any Pairs or Same Suits
- Aces are the lowest card, not the highest
- Straights don’t count.
- If, after the final draw, you have a Pair or Same Suit, the highest card is removed, resulting in a 3 card (or less) hand.
- 4 Card hands always beat 3 or less card hands, regardless of high card.
- The best hand is A-2-3-4, called “Badugi”.
Badugi Poker Strategy – Starting Hands

Because Badugi is a game of 4 betting rounds, you’ll need to decide whether to put any money into the pot, or get out early, to keep your chip stack from slowly depleting. You’ll find the Starting Hand requirements below.

- Two off-suit cards no higher than 4, including an Ace – Move on.
- Three off-suit cards no higher than 7 – Move on.
- Any other hand should be Folded.
Badugi Poker Strategy – First Draw Phase

After the first Draw Phase, you should have a workable hand that includes at least 3 cards, off-suit. If any other player is standing pat, your three cards must be 7 or below, otherwise Fold.
Badugi Poker Strategy – Second Draw Phase

Hopefully, by now, you have at least 3 off-suit cards of 7 or below. If not, you’ll need to read your opponents to determine whether to move on. Again, if anyone stands pat, Fold (unless they are known to Bluff often). If you have 4 off-suit cards, no higher than a Jack, you should stand pat. It is not the strongest hand, but may cause others to Fold before they can draw to a better hand.
Badugi Poker Strategy – Third Draw Phase

You’re now looking at your final hand. If you have 4 cards off-suit, no higher than 8, Call/Raise/Re-Raise anything (unless you suspect someone has Badugi). If you have a 3-card hand of A-2-3 (tossing out a Pair or Same-Suit card), you must determine the strength of betting by the actions of your opponents. If anyone stood pat on the previous draw phase, Fold.
Badugi Poker Strategy – Bluffing

Bluffing plays a large part in a solid Badugi poker strategy. Bluffing should be done with care, and never too often. The best time to Bluff is during the First or Second Draw Phase. When you Stand Pat on the First Draw Phase, players have already put a little money into the pot, but will not be as committed to it, making them more likely to Fold to your Bluff. If Standing Pat on the Second Draw Phase, you should only Semi-Bluff, meaning you have a decent hand to combat any players who do not Fold. A Semi-Bluff should be any 4 cards of different suits, or at the least a 3-card hand of A-2-3.

Credit to: http://www.badugipokerrules.com/badugi-poker-strategy.html

Also want to add the Pokerstars Badugi Tourney Video Link:

Hopefully this helps people out in this game. Fun game. People just have to learn it.
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More Badugi Tips...

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